Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly/Pollinator Gardens

Founded 2002

In Spring 2002, students in teacher Bea Saito’s 4th / 5th grade clas, worked with Americorps volunteer Ian Silvernail and a Xerces Society volunteer to study, design and plant a garden that attracts butterflies. Portland Parks and Recreation also helped with this project which borders park land at Clinton Park.

In spring 2008, Atkinson first and second grade classes studied insects and other pollinators, researching their habitat needs. Working with project lead Meg Ruby, and volunteers from AmeriCorps and Xerces Society, students helped design and install a new Pollinator Garden found just north of the Butterfly Garden.

Atkinson parent Diane Jacobs led students from Susan Tims’ first grade class in the creation of panels for the butterfly/pollinator garden. The artwork hangs on the cyclone fencing in the garden.