Maintenance Calendar

Maintenance Calendar


  • Rake leaves in MCG and compost.
  • Clean and weed garden beds in Multicultural Garden.
  • Weed all gardens.
  • Leave plant matter in Wildlife Habitat to decompose as in the wild.


  • Clean and store tools and leave the gardens in order for winter.
  • Check cloches so plants are protected in the event of a cold snap.


  • Control weeds by pulling them out when they are small.
  • Plan after-school weeding parties for the Wildlife Habitat and other gardens.
  • Mulch the Wildlife Habitat in June. This will help to conserve water. ¬†Use compost or composted leaf mulch and spread one to two inches deep around plants.
  • Weed the gardens before school is out.
  • Have summer maintenance plans in place.


  • Continue summer maintenance and watering plans.
  • Deep-soak playground trees and eco-roof on the outdoor classroom in July. It is best not to water in the middle of the day.
  • Schedule a harvest and weeding event.
  • Work with PTA to plan Community Service Day in late August.
  • Keep up with summer watering and maintenance in gardens.