Thank you for your interest in volunteering! There are many ways to get involved at Atkinson.  Please consider taking on one of the available volunteer jobs listed below.*

* Please note: All volunteers in Portland Public Schools (PPS) must have a current background check on file with PPS before volunteering in the school. Background checks must be done every 3 years to remain current. To update your background check or to apply for the first time, please complete the FREE volunteer background screening by going to the school office or click here.

Once your background check has cleared, you will receive notification from PPS and be eligible to start volunteering in the school. Each time you volunteer at Atkinson, you must go to the school office to sign in and pick up a volunteer ID badge to wear. Please remember to return the badge to the school office and sign out when you’re done for the day. Following this protocol helps ensure a safe environment for our students, staff and community. Thank you!

OPEN Atkinson PTA Board Positions:

To learn more about these leadership opportunities below, please contact the PTA President for details.  No experience necessary; we’ll provide training and support!

PTA Officers: The Atkinson PTA Board is looking for a volunteer to serve as our President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Officer Duties can be tailored to fit nominees.  Elections are in May.  Please contact please contact the Vice President – Planning for more information.

PTA Volunteer Coordinator: The Atkinson PTA Board is looking for a volunteer to serve as our Volunteer Coordinator.  Responsibilities include:

  • Manages recruiting, retaining and welcoming of volunteers
  • Keeps a spreadsheet and email list of current volunteers
  • Works to find classroom representatives for each class
  • Checks in with program/ event coordinators as needed to determine volunteer needs
  • Communicates volunteer needs to membership and Atkinson Community (FYI, PTA bulletin board, PTA website, Atkinson Community Facebook Page, School Messenger)
  • Informs volunteers of school and PTA protocols: background check every 3 years, sign in/out of office, wear badge, PTA membership required to be covered by our insurance, and financial procedures, ie. all expenditures must be approved by program/ event chair to ensure committee/program stays within its budget; use of check/reimbursement form, etc.
  • Thanks and acknowledges volunteers and coordinators in FYI once program/event is done for the year

PTA Fundraising Chair: The Atkinson PTA Board is looking for a volunteer to serve as our Fundraising Chair.  Responsibilities include:

  • Attend PTA board and general membership meetings
  • Prepare and give the fundraising report at general membership meetings
  • Promote and Facilitate fundraising activities as needed.

Programs Chair:  The Atkinson PTA Board is looking for a Programs Chair.  Responsibilities include:

  • Assists officers in ensuring the following Special Committee Chairs have received “Program Operating Procedures” information and turned in a plan of work before work begins.
  • Works with Treasurer to review spending of PTA programs/committees for budgeting purposes.
  • Invites PTA program chairs and on-site after school program vendors to staff information table at Fall Social.
  • Encourages committee/program chairs to create program procedure notebook to hand on to next volunteer
  • Presents ‘Programs Report’ at PTA meetings and attends board meetings.

Past Board Member at Large:  The Atkinson PTA Board is looking for a Past Board Member at Large.  Responsibilities include:

  • Acts as the Board liaison for and oversees the work of the following Special Committees: OLG and Earthquake Preparedness.
  • Acts as a resource for the current board to understand recent history of prior board and/or Special Committee work
  • Contacts Site Council to establish a communication link between the two groups and sends/ receives updates as needed

OPEN Atkinson PTA Committee           Chair Positions:

Atkinson’s Outdoor Learning Gardens (OLG): The Atkinson PTA is looking for a OLG Committee Chair of Events for the 2019-2020 school year.  Responsibilities Include:

  • Head up special events: Earth Day (2), Salad Roll Making, Pizza Day, Causa Day OR find leads for these events
  • Purchase supplies needed with Grow Portland Educator
  • Prep supplies/food with Grow Portland Educator
  • Arrive early on those days (8am) to help Grow Portland Educator with setup
  • Work with Volunteer Coordinator to staff events
  • Report to Learning Garden Chair on events/needs, etc.
 If you’re interested, contact Outdoor Learning Garden Co-Chair for details.

Other Ongoing needs to support our committees:


The auction is our PTA’s largest fundraiser of the year, and there are many ways you can help make it a success. We need volunteers for ticketing, decorations, seek sponsorships for the auction, donate items or services, contact local businesses for donations, enter donations in the auction database, and help with set-up and clean-up for the event, coordinate volunteers. The auction is held in the Spring (watch for a save-the-date announcement early in the school year), but preparing for the auction begins a few months before the event. If you’re interested in helping out in any way, please contact the PTA’s Auction Chair for more information about this year’s auction plans. 


Atkinson’s Outdoor Learning Gardens (OLG).   There are many ways to lead in this diverse program and all are welcome! Helping with garden maintenance at our Tend, Mend, and Mingles, being a garden helper in during classroom sessions, being part of the garden committee to help grow OLG leadership and participation, and much more! Contact the Outdoor Learning Garden Co-Chair  for details.


Starting September 20th, the Atkinson Running Club will be held most Fridays during recess periods. Come out to the playground to help record students’ laps and cheer them on as they work towards their running goals for the school year. For more information, contact the PTA Running Club Chair.


The Atkinson PTA Basketball Program is a great way for students to learn and play basketball. All 3rd, 4th and 5th grade boys and girls at Atkinson are invited to sign up and play. The program takes place in winter and relies on volunteer coaches, assistants, and referees. We are also looking for parent volunteers to assist with a K-2 open gym practice sessions.  To volunteer with this fun program, please contact the PTA Basketball Program Chair.


Atkinson Amigos is a group of parent volunteers that are interested in promoting, supporting, and learning about diversity in Latinx culture without our Atkinson community and in Portland. The Amigos group coordinates cultural celebrations at Atkinson such as Día de los muertos (fall) and Día de los niños (late April). To volunteer with the Amigos, please contact amigosdeatkinson@gmail.com.


In the 2015–16 school year, a group of concerned Atkinson parents began brainstorming ways to come together, organize, and prepare the school in the event of an earthquake. Over time, we have developed from an Earthquake Preparedness Committee to a broader Emergency Preparedness Committee. Some of the goals of our committee include Earthquake Preparedness Education, Gathering of Supplies/Donations, Non-Structural Mitigation, Reunification Drills, and School Safety.  There is still much work that needs to be done and there are many ways to support this effort! Our committee will meets every other month.  For more information, please contact the PTA Preparedness Committee.