Running Club

The Atkinson Running Club will be held most Fridays during the K-2 and 3-5 lunch recess periods. Student participation is optional but encouraged!

Students earn prizes for reaching mileage milestones.

We have reached the end of Running Club for 2023-24 school year!!

The school ran a total of 3,601 miles!

Here are the final standings (as of 5/31/2024):

Password is: Cheetah2024

There was a tight race for top classroom this year: Ms Humphrey’s class ran 536.79 miles and Ms Mady’s class ran 502.04 miles; however, in the miles/student average, Ms Mady’s class came out on top with 23.9 average miles/student. Ms Humphrey averaged 18.5 miles/student.

I will be handing out final prizes next week and prizes for top 3 runners in each grade on June 11th during lunch.

Congrats on a great year — see you next year!


See your Runner’s Run for Atkinson mileage/laps here.

Password is: Cheetah2024


For more information, contact the PTA Running Club Coordinator, Christy Ernst.