Family Resiliency Fund

What it is: Families supporting each other

The Atkinson Family Resiliency Fund was started by the PTA in Spring 2020 as a response to Covid-19 and the resulting economic crisis. We wished to support Atkinson families with basic needs using donations from members of the Atkinson community. The fund has continued to operate since then and has become a model of community-based support for several other school communities.

The difference it makes: The fund has helped dozens of Atkinson families to cover basic needs

PTA members have voted to contribute $7,000 to the fund so far from the PTA budget, In addition, Atkinson families have donated over $12,000. With our community’s continued generosity, we have been able to support 41 families with utilities, rent, groceries, medical bills, and various other expenses. Interested to learn more? Contact the PTA Treasurer at

If you or someone in the community is facing economic hardship, please reach out to the school counselor or principal.

Donations of any amount matter! Our average donation amount is small. You can even set up a monthly contribution. Visit