Take a leaf walk.
Take a leaf walk.


According to the Farmers Almanac, the average first frost for Portland is November 15.

In the Gardens

  • Record and sketch in garden journals.
  • Observe growth of fall/winter gardens.
  • Consider keeping a record of last frost/first frost. When did it happen this year?
  • Study artist Andy Goldsworthy and make a temporary art project with fall leaves. Take pictures to share.

Garden Maintenance

  • Rake and compost magnolia leaves in Multicultural Garden, a good job for upper grades.
  • Tools should be put away.
  • Leave plant matter in Wildlife Habitat to decompose as in the wild.

Explore the neighborhood

  • Collect fallen leaves for journaling or art projects.
  • Look for color change in leaves on school grounds, in nearby Clinton Park, or take a walk across Division St. to 58th. There are a variety of street trees on the east side of that street. To view more fall color, continue on to the Mount Tabor nursery east of 60th on Lincoln.

Class Plans for the Garden


  • Patterns lessons continue
  • Seeds We Eat lessons continue

1st Grade

  • Make Farrie houses in the Magic Garden
  • PLACE lesson

2nd Grade

  • Begin Weather Lessons
  • PLACE lesson

3rd Grade

  • Soil Study Part 1
  • PLACE lessons

4th Grade

  • Prairie Garden study and project
  • PLACE lesson

5th Grade

  • Discovery Garden Sheet Compost (compost 101)
  • PLACE lesson
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