Garden Beds

Beds in the Multicultural Garden

Watering system

The beds in the Multicultural Gardens are watered using a system that measures temperature, rainfall, and humidity to determine how much water to send through the lines. This system was paid for by the Portland Water Bureau, with installation by Atkinson parent Brian Croak.

Lift watering system gently if adding compost to beds. Wire anchors hold watering system in place.To install cloche, fit hoops into hoop receptacles, stretch plastic over hoops and secure with clips.

One way to get maximum use of a small bed is to grow vertically. This method also keeps garden paths navigable with the vigorous summer growth.To create tall cages, wire two similar diameter cages or tomato cages on top of one another. Drive four 8′ bamboo stakes deep into the bed and tie cages securely to poles so cages won’t topple as plants grow.

Leave an open space at the bottom by resting cage atop bricks. This will allow hands in to weed.