About the Discovery Garden

discovery gardenThe Discovery Garden is designed to give students the opportunity to explore agriculture and the natural world in a creative manner. It is also a place for students to learn about crop rotation, companion planting (including 3 Sisters and Milpa Agriculture and Permaculture Design), garden design and experimentation, and year-round agriculture. This garden also holds a large composting system for students to learn about the wonders of composting and for adult volunteers and students to turn and use in the garden.

The Discovery Garden also works as a staging ground for loads of new soil, mulch, outside compost for garden beds, and wood chips for paths and other garden spaces. The garden includes a dig pit, many perennial plants including berries, flowers and herbs. The center of the garden is a rotating larger space for crops to be planted throughout the year. The Discovery Garden is a work in progress, a place for students to experience the garden through getting dirty and working in and with the land.

Discovery Garden Year 1 SpringDiscovery Garden Year 1 Spring

Discovery Garden Year 1 Summer-FallDiscovery Garden Year 1 Summer-Fall

Discovery Garden Year 1 WinterDiscovery Garden Year 1 Winter

Discovery Garden Year 2 SpringDiscovery Garden Year 2 Spring

Discovery Garden Year 2 Summer-FallDiscovery Garden Year 2 Summer-Fall

Discovery Garden Year 2 WinterDiscovery Garden Year 2 Winter

Discovery Garden Year 3 SpringDiscovery Garden Year 3 Spring

Discovery Garden Year 3 Summer-FallDiscovery Garden Year 3 Summer-Fall