Ways to be Involved at Atkinson

If you are interested in helping out with the activities of the PTA, please contact us at volunteer-coordinator@atkinsonelementarypta.org.

Auction: Atkinson’s annual auction is the PTA’s largest fundraiser and an adult-only event. Auction items are donated by local businesses and by members of the Atkinson community. The auction features both silent and live auctions. Lots of volunteers are needed to help execute this fundraiser.

Basketball: Atkinson Basketball (mixed teams of 3rd-5th graders) takes place in winter and relies on volunteer coaches, assistants, and referees.

Class Representative: A parent volunteer from each class helps to coordinate project, supply, and volunteer needs with the teacher and other parents. In addition, this representative plans the auction project or basket for their child’s class.

Field Day: Held in the spring, field day is organized by our PE teacher and involves 10-12 stations of activities and games that are set up outside the school building. Each parent volunteer is responsible for at least one station.

5th Grade Parent Coordinator: A parent volunteer coordinates the events that are particular to the 5th grade year, including the End of the Year Party, 5th grade field trip, and 5th grade Promotion.

Ice Cream Social (September): The ice cream social is an early evening event held at the beginning of the school year to welcome new and returning families. Volunteers are recruited in the spring to plan this event for the following year. Tasks include the purchase and scooping of ice cream and the organization of information booths.

K-2 and 3-5 Talent Shows: Volunteers coordinate this event and help students during the rehearsals and show.

Library Helper: Volunteers assist in processing books, including putting durable covers on them, typing spine labels, affixing stamps and other labels to books, and re-shelving.

Lunar New Year (winter): We celebrate the Lunar New Year with an evening of fabulous Asian food, games, arts and crafts, music, and cultural performances by the children. A group of volunteers, led by a coordinator, put on this wonderful event.

Outdoor Learning Gardens: Join the Outdoor Learning Gardens (OLG) Committee! Volunteer as a Garden Representative for your child’s classroom and help coordinate with teachers and staff to create outdoor learning opportunities and maintain the gardens. Training is provided. Help with finding and writing grants to support the current and future needs of the OLG would be very appreciated.

PTA Clothes Closet: The PTA helps run a clothes closet at Marshall High School. It provides donated clothes, new socks and underwear to families. On two days during the school year, Atkinson is responsible for helping people choose items at the center.

PTA President: The role of PTA president is a very rewarding one. Your unit will look to you for guidance in creating partnerships within your school community and fostering an environment where parent involvement is encouraged and respected. Over the course of the school year, you will learn a great deal and put your talents and knowledge to use as a leader in your school community. You will oversee: • Unit organization • Meetings • Membership • Governance • Inclusiveness • Elections • Programs • Member training • Finances. You will use your skills in: • Organization: planning, setting priorities • Volunteer management: recruiting, retaining, motivating, welcoming diversity • Running effective programs • Managing money matters, raising funds • Running effective meetings • Effective use of parliamentary procedure • Effective advocacy on behalf of students • Leadership transition: nurturing potential leaders, preparing the incoming team

PTA Secretary: The secretary is a PTA board officer, and must be a PTA member. Duties include serving on the PTA board, attending monthly board meetings, and taking minutes at the PTA board and general meetings. In addition, the secretary may enter membership data into the Oregon PTA database; the bulk of memberships come in at the beginning of the year. Before the end of each month when new member info has been entered, a remittance form should be printed out and given to the treasurer for payment.

PTA Treasurer: The treasurer is the authorized custodian, elected by the members, of the funds of the PTA association. It is the treasurer who ensures that the unit finances are properly handled. This is a critical job, since proper handling of the unit’s money will keep the unit in good standing, as well as maintain its credibility with the school and the community. The ideal candidate for treasurer should have: • Strong organizational skills • A background in accounting practices and procedures • Knowledge of volunteer management and nonprofit accounting • In-depth knowledge of PTA and its mission and objectives. The treasurer is a PTA board officer, and must be a PTA member. Together with the president, the treasurer approves the disbursement of funds within the approved budget or as authorized by the general membership (or by officers if under $200); answers questions regarding spending; serves as chairman of the budget committee; notifies the community of funding proposals or budget changes; prepares a proposed budget in the spring and a budget for approval in June; presents written statements of accounts at meetings of the Executive Committee (officers), the board, general PTA meetings and at other times when requested to do so by the president; prepares for the financial review (“audit”) to be done soon after the fiscal year ends on June 3; communicate with and provides documents to the accountant regarding taxes; and arranges for and maintains insurance coverage for the unit.

PTA Vice President: The vice president serves on the PTA board as an officer, and must be a PTA member. The vice president assists the president, nominates the members of the nominating committee, track verbal votes or counts written ballots at meetings, sets up childcare and a space at the school for the monthly general PTA meetings.

Run for Atkinson: Run for Atkinson is an annual jogathon held at Franklin High School’s track. The students collect pledges, run laps, earn points, and raise funds to ensure the arts are present in our school. Volunteers organize students, mark off cards indicating laps run, pass out popsicles, and cheer on the runners.

Running Club: The Atkinson Running Club is held most Fridays during the K-2 and 3-5 recess periods. Come out to the playground to help record students’ laps and cheer them on as they work towards their running goals for the school year.

Atkinson Library Book Fair: The book fair is held in November just before and during parent/teacher conference time. Led by our librarian, volunteers set up, take down and work at the book fair. The hours vary depending on the fair hours and the conference schedule.

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week: Parent volunteers are needed to help provide food for a luncheon. Past activities for the week have also included daily treats, musical performances, and appreciation gifts and messages.

Walk and Bike to School (Fridays): Led by a coordinator, volunteers organize set up (8:10-8:25am), welcome students (2-3 people to sign in kids and hand out stickers), provide raffle ticket help (8:25-8:50am), and assist with take down (8:50-9:00am).

Winter Sing-Along (December): A volunteer committee of many people with varied responsibilities put on this seasonal event. Tasks include decorating, creating a program, and coordinating food & beverages.

Earthquake Preparedness Committee:  Some of the goals of this committee consists of ongoing earthquake preparedness education, gathering and maintenance of on-site supplies to support all students for 24 hours and partial students for 3 days, non-structural mitigation, and having reunification drills to educate staff and parents on protocol after an earthquake.  This committee meets monthly discuss actions for ongoing preparedness of the school in the event of an earthquake.