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Plant a few potatoes on St. Patrick's Day.
Plant a few potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day.


Vernal equinox is on or about March 20.

In the Gardens:

  •  Record and sketch in garden journals. This is an important time to document plant changes for third grade “Changes” unit.
  • If you need help navigating planting times, seek advice from a plant nursery, website or book.
  • In the cold frame, start celery, chives, leeks, parsley in pots – for transplanting into the garden after it has warmed a bit.
  • In beds outdoors, plant: arugula, Asian greens, lettuce, peas, radish, spinach, carrots, Swiss chard, turnip, chives and parsley.
  • If growing greens for the salad bar or stir fry, try some new varieties that you find through seed catalogs. Greens that reflect Atkinson’s cultural diversity or heirloom varieties would make good choices.
  • Using organic methods, fertilize after true leaves appear on plant.
  • Rotate crops; don’t plant bed with same plant family repeatedly. This will improve soil, discourage insect and disease problems, and help balance nutrition demands.

Class Plans for the Garden


  • Plant potatoes
  • Look for new growth with peas
  • Signs of spring search
    • Pollinator Garden

1st Grade

  • Peter Rabbit Continues
  • Plant potatoes*
  • Record Plant growth

2nd Grade

  • Begin planting stone soup
  • Plant potatoes*
  • Record Plant growth

3rd Grade

  • Native Habitat study
  • Soil Study Part 2
  • Spring in the Garden: measure plant growth

4th Grade

  • Start corn (inside or in greenhouse)
  • Land and water part 3
  • Lewis and Clark lessons

5th Grade

  • Compost 102
  • Discovery Garden: Herbs

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