Tour the school gardens.
Tour the school gardens.


The first day of fall is around September 22 or 23.

In the Gardens

  • Harvest tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans, basil, tomatillos, and sunflowers for bouquets. Gourds, squash, pumpkins, and sunflowers for seeds will continue to grow this month. Each class harvests from its own bed.
  • To improve soil, plant a cover crop such as crimson clover up till early October.
  • Plant garlic and onions. Territorial Seed has “Chinese Pink” garlic, ready in late May.
  • In September or early October, third grade students select a Wildlife Habitat plant to observe over the course of the school year for “Changes” project.

Garden Reps/OLG Committee

  • Look to OLG bulletin board in hall for contact information.
  • September is a great time for teachers, their classes and interested Garden Reps to tour the school gardens.
  • New Garden Representatives fill out volunteer paperwork in the office, attend Garden Rep orientations and set up a time to talk to teachers.

Class Plans for the Garden

Kindergarten–5th grades

  • Garden Celebration last Friday of the month
    Welcome students, teachers, and families to the garden, go over expectations, tool safety, etc.
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